The Eduban of Ezubah Part-11

January 1, 2010

The tunnels

Leela led her armies into a bush. Then they started digging a tunnel so that they could go straight to the Eduban without having to go through the army first.

Then, Leels went to Hooterjumble and said “I am Leela, and Magic is captured. My army and Magic’s pathras are digging a tunnel to go straight to the Eduban. Ask Frisky to…” Frisky’s captured,” said Hooterjumble. “So is Krabby’s army.” “OK, said Leela. “Ask Bersoka to keep brushing against this net, at least 5 times a day and 5 times a night.” “Why?” asked Hooterjumble. “You’ll see,” said Leela “Bye, I’m going now!” “Me too, said Fightanch and went towards Man Land.


A few days later, Bersoka found lots of flowers growing on the net. She wne to find Leela, who said “Already? Get them! We’ve just broken into the Eduban’s place!

Bersoka went and got them, and Leela dug a pit in the Eduban’s place and told the armies to stay hidden until she gave the signal. Just then, they heard a loud crash. Magic had escaped!


Magic had been scraping the walls for a long time, and soon she broke into all the other rooms, where Krabby and the rest were locked in. Then, they all pushed and broke out with a loud crash!

Magic led them to where she could smell dog, and found a tunnel. “Let’s go in and see what’s there,” said Frisky, so they went in and saw Leela.

“Shh! stay hidden until I give the signal,” said Leela and she finished the pit. “OK, the signal is ‘go’. GO!” said Leela and they all attacked the Eduban’s house .Then, they drove him into the pit. But it was too late. The Eduban had already called his army to come back to him, and Leela’s army had just enough time to get into the tunnel before the hellips broke in. And already the pathras were rushing form the other side of the tunnel. There was only one thing to do. frisky and magic quickly piled up vermalia against the alls and then started digging a third tunnel upwards, to get out. Then they removed the Vermalia and the pathras and hellips rushed in and crashed into each other, while Leela’s army dug two pits, one on either side of the tunnel (not the top hole)

Then, they started pushing vermalia through the third opening. The pathras and hellips ran out and fell into the pits.

Then the Eduban was transported to Clyfex island, where they stayed… for a while…

And Magic and the rest didn’t live happily ever after.


Happy new year!


The Eduban of Ezubah Part-10

January 1, 2010

Leela's army

Magic decided to make some new animals to attack the Eduban, since the dinotrons weren’t working very well, they didn’t listen to Gobla, Rusty, Frisky, Brisky, Busty or Growlin sometimes.

She decided to maea them a bit like volgols, so she called them volgotrons.She made only thirty of them, since they were only to attack the Edubna.

Then, she sent them to attack!

The volgotrons were losing the battle, when Magic remembered Killertumble’s army of pathras! She could still call them if she wanted!

But when she called them, only one pathra came. He said “We were coming to help you, but the Eduban captured all of us, and only I managed to escape.” Magic decided to help the pathra, but the pathra led her to the Eduban’s cave and locked her up.

Just then, another dog was watching them. It was Magic’s aunt, Leela.

She went to the pathra and asked him what he had captured (though she actually did know). “I am part of Magic’s army, she said. The pathra said “I was trying to rescue Magic, but I needed another dog to help me. Come into this room and we can rescue Magic. “No,” said Leela. “I need to get some things first, and then I will come.”

Leela went and got her army, which had:

  1. Mr Tusk the elephant
  2. Subamba snake
  3. Gabro goat
  4. Contranolio elephant
  5. Epaphando bull
  6. Mandjegjsh dog
  7. Croserber dog
  8. Karamatu buffalo
  9. Nang crocodile
  10. Can crocodile
  11. Lizy fox
  12. Foxy ferret and
  13. Darani dog.

Then, the pathras which Magic had called (the real ones, this time) arrived.

Last part coming soon!–Badri/Hippo

Th Eduban of Ezubah Part-9

December 30, 2009

Magic Arrives!

“You should have kept following them for a while,” said Hooterjumble. “Then, you could have seen where the others were kept when they were captured.You…HUH?” he said as the hellips charged at them!

Frisky decided that he’d better not attakc Krabby now, as he had planned earlier. Instead,he decided to tell Hooterjumble the plan, nad then he…”Ouch!” he said as a hellip hit his front paw.

Then, he heard someone shout “VERMALIA!!!.” He was about to get it, when a pathra attacked him, and the next thing he knew, he was captured by the Eduban!

“Well, Frisky can plan and then fight, but he should learn to plan and fight at the ame time ” said Magic, who had yelled “VERMALIA!” “Anyway, I have a plan, and Ouch!” she said, as a pathra attacked her, and the next thing she knew was that she wasn’t captured by the Eduban! No. She had captured the pathra!

Fioghtanch, the leader of the Dog army, had also caught 5 pathras, and Cleveranch, another part of the dog-army, had captured on hellip.

One of the pathras had also tried to capture Nomindy, but he went inside his shell.It tried Foomhalat, but he too went inside his shell.Then, Perango di the same thing. Finally, the pathra took them all up in a net and took them all to the Eduban’s hideout.

Then the hellips captured Badgird Bird and Mr. Sloth, and that was the (temporary) and of Krabby’s army…but the beginning of the Volgotrons!

The Eduban of Ezubah Part-8

December 25, 2009

The Pathra, Krabby frog and Mungli cow

The pathras started attacking again. Then, for some reason, they all stopped.

“Good, let’s rest for some time now,” said Bersoka. “WHAAAA…?” said Krabby. When did you come here?

Bersoka couldn’t answer, since the pathras started attacking again!

“They’re attacking again!” cried Krabby. “I’ll go and tell Sharkei and the others to get ready!”But all he found there was one pathra.Then, he found that Mungli had come with him.

After a while,

“Hey, what are you doing here?” asked Krabby. “I came with two other pathras so that we could help you, since we didn’t like the Eduban,” said the pathra. “But they took away the boat and captured your other friends. I think the other pathras were actually were working for the Eduban.” “OK,” said Krabby. “You can come now. We need your help right now.”

“Oh, by the way, I’m also working for the Eduban, said the pathra, capturing  Krabby and Mungli. “Even the others were. They told the Eduban the plan before coming.”

After a while, Hooterjumble went to see what was going on. But he was more careful. The pathra told him the smae story, and added that “Then, as I was talking to them, some more pathras came and captured them.” “I think i’ll call theothers to stay here then, said Hooterjumble. He wentr and told the duckbills his plan.

The duckbills went around from the back instead of the normal way, and saw a row of pathras behind the bushes, waiting to pounce.

“Looking for me?” said Empro, throwing a stone. The pathras tuned around, and the duckbills flew off to tell Hooeterumble what had happened.

Next part coming soon –Badri/Hippo & Varun/Pulippo

“You should have kept following them for a whil…

The Eduban Of Ezubah Part-7

December 23, 2009
The Dog Army

The Dog Army

Frisky thought that they should attack immediately, like Krabby had attacked Killertumble , but Nomindy and Foomhalat said that “The Eduban has a bigger army, so it’ll be better to plan.”

Perango also said that they should plan. Finally,

Frisky said that he would attack the Eduban with Hooterjumble and the Duckbills, and Krabby could attack after planning.

Just then, they saw thousands of pathras coming towards them. “S-s-since we’ve planned it, I think we’d better start attacking now,” said Krabby. “I’ll drive the car away now to plan some more.” Krabby drove off, leaving ten vermalia petals with Frisky.

Frisky quickly planned a way to attack; first the Eduban and then Krabby:Krabby so that he understands how to attack without planning instead of planning without attacking (which is what he was doing now).

First, Frisky went to Dogs World (th place between Cat Land and Dog Land) and showed Dusty,another dog, to Slanch, a Borzoi. “I’m fighting the Eduban now. Bye!” said Frisky and went off to the Dog-army*.

The Dog-army said that Frisky could chase rabbit, to get rid of the bullets**, but Frisky explained that it won’t work, and anyway, pathras don’t have bullets!

So the Dog-army went and surrounded the hellips, and then started attacking them! This was a good way, but the pathras kept putting their horns in the way and the hellips kept slithering away.

The dog-army was losing, and they could see another army coming in the distance, running towards them!

Frisky quickly decided to run away, and then take the other army by surprise. This was a good idea, but theyt didn’t want to pounce on Bersoka’s army!

*See Slanch and the Human Attack. Contact
**See Slanch and Sileech’s Rabbits. Contact

The Eduban Of Ezubah Part-6

December 21, 2009

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The Solar Truck in Ezubah

The next morning,Hooterjumble asked Volro to drive.”We will reach it very soon now,” he said.

After a while, Empro said “I thouhght you said that we’ll reach it very soon?” Just then, they reached.They parked the truck behind a bush. “We will have to walk for the last two-thousand meters now,” said Hooterjumble.”Wow!” said Clontro. “Two Thousand! That’s quite a lot!” “No, it isn’t,” said Hooterjumble. “It’s just two million millimetres.” “What!” said Clontro. “…Or two kilometres,” continued Hooterjumble.

“Shouldn’t we fill up the fuel in the truck? asked Fontro. “If the Eduban chases us, then we’ll need to run away quickly.”

So Hooterjumble drove away to fill it. He came back six hours later, and then he found that he had to fill it again! This time,Volro and Empro went, and came back six hours later with some batteries (the truck ran on solar-power). Then,they decided to get some solar-panels so that they won’t need to keep on filling it. Clontro and Efro went and came back 13 hours later. It took another two hours to set them up,and then, since it was almost 1:00 AM the next day, they went to sleep. They woke up t 6:00 PM, and all of them except Hooterjumble went to sleep again. The next day,they found out that Hooterjumble had started sleeping at midnight, so he could stay awake in the day now.

Then , Frisky came. He had walked all the way from the border of Ezubah so he went to sleep. The next morning, Hooterjumble said that the next truck should be coming soon. Every four days,a truck will leave from their (Hooterjumble’s) place. Their truck was the first one.

Soon,Frisky woke up and they all started plannin how to fight the Eduban of Ezubah.

Next part coming soon! –Badri/Hippo

Frisky thought that they should attack immediately…

The Eduban of Ezubah Part-5

November 17, 2009

—The answer to the previous Eduban of Ezubah riddle is: Global-warming —

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Hooterjumble and the Duckbills

“Hey! how did you come here?” said Koraskei.

“That’s just what I was going to ask you!” said Conglefnitch.

“I was just going through the forest,when I heard some noise” said Koraskei. “Then, I heard your footsteps and thought that somebody was following us.” “That’s ecactly what happened to me!” said Conglefnitch.Koraskei told Conglefnitch what had happened, and that they were supposed to attack Kilro and the Monsterongomer.


Krabby was going, when he saw some shops near the forest.He went into the shops and found nobody there!

He was going to take something,whan he heard a voice: “Hey, you have to pay to take things from here!”

Krabby looked around and saw a door.H opened ti, and saw a huge table with some birds called “Duckbills” sitting around it.There was also one owl.The owl was writing down something,and the duckbills were eating.

“:Who are you?” asked the owl. “I am Krabby frog,and these are Nomindy turtle,Perango turtle,Foomhalat turtle, M.r sloth and Badgird Bird.” said Krabby. “We are going to fight the Eduban Of Ezubah.” “I am Hooterjumble,”said the owl.”These are Fontro,Clontro,Epro,Efro,Volro and Empro. We are also going to fight the Eduban of Ezubah! You can help us.”

Hooterjumble gave Krabby a magazine and said “You can read about this.It tells about 40 ways of fighting the Eduban of Ezubah.”

After reading it, Hooterjumble shouted “Here’s the tanker!” and they all wen tand filled all the ink from the tanker into a huge box. Then, they started typing.

In the evening, the papers were all over. Hooterjumble brought out the car.”If we go at morning kmph, we should reach by 100,” he said. The next “100 “,they were in a huge desert.In the distance, there were some huge solar-panels.”That is helping Magic to fight global-warming,” said Clontro.”This is Ezubah,” said Fontro.

“What a long beach!” said Nomindy. “When do we reach the sea?” “This isn’t a beach,it’s a desert,” said Volro.”I can drive now,Hooterjumble.”

They soon reached the solar-pump. “You need to drive now, Volro,” said Hooterjumble, after filling the tank.”But I am driving!” said Volro. “Oh yes. I must have been turning the spare-wheel,” said Hooterjumble.

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The next morning, Hooterjumble (who had started…